Voices Admin: Why do I need a callback url and what does that mean?

UserVoice uses the oAuth authentication mechanism for all calls against their API.

In order to get the needed tokens for the authentication into the app, a so called "callback url" is used, which needs to be defined like this :http://mydomain.com/mycallback.html

The tokens are added during the authentication process at the end of the callback url as paramaters in the form of http://mydomain.com/mycallback.html?oauthtoken=<oAuthToken>&toauthokensecret=<oAuthTokenSecret>. This makes it very easy for the API provider to send the tokens to an app or a website on one site and to read them for developers on the other site.

We have quite some experience with oAuth and callback urls, here are our best practices:
- you should use one callback url for each app to avoid quirks
- a simple blank html document, uploaded to your webserver, will do the job as it generates a unique url (see example above)

If you have any questions left, feel free to open a support ticket to get in contact with us.

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