Voices Admin: Get started!

To use Voices Admin, you need to declare an API client in your Uservoice Account:

- After you logged in, click on 'Settings', followed by 'Integrations'."
- Select 'UserVoice API' on the 'Integration' page."
- Click on the 'Add API-Client...' button."
- Enter the API Client name, the callback url and check 'Trusted?' to make sure the requests against the API will work.
- Go back to the app and enter your subdomain (without '.uservoice.com') and tap the 'get API clients' button.
- Enter your admin account data and click 'Sign in'.
- The app will load all API clients that you declared.
- Select the desired API client, and your data gets loaded.

These steps are getting visualized on the first app start, too.

Loading the list of available API clients can take some time, please be patient at that point.

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