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  1. Fishing Knots: How can I let the app read the instructions automatically?

  2. Fishing Knots: I want to start with the 3 step tutorials, not the animated one.

  3. Fishing Knots: Why has the auto read function a beta flag?

  4. Fishing Knots: Why is there a SE and a + version?

  5. MSicc's Blog: coming soon

  6. NFC Toolkit: Can I format my tags?

  7. NFC Toolkit: What are profiles?

  8. NFC Toolkit: What can I use NFC for?

  9. NFC Toolkit: what is a custom uri scheme?

  10. NFC Toolkit: What is NFC?

  11. NFC Toolkit: What is this app for?

  12. NFC Toolkit: Where can I buy NFC tags?

  13. NFC Toolkit: Which tags can be used?

  14. NFC Toolkit: Why does the app not change settings directly?

  15. NFC Toolkit: Will NFC drain my battery?

  16. RandR: What does it do?

  17. RandR: Why do I have to focus manually?

  18. RandR: Why does it not work with my high resoultion images?

  19. RandR: Why is there a new folder in my pictures library?

  20. Testing HTML encoding

  21. UniShare: Cortana integration and voice commands

  22. UniShare: Facebook app does not log me in

  23. UniShare: GIPHY support (Windows 10)

  24. UniShare: I cannot add emojis when on some sharing combinations

  25. UniShare: I cannot post photos to LinkedIn!

  26. UniShare: Keyboard shortcuts on Windows 10

  27. UniShare: Klingon translation (Windows 10)

  28. UniShare: Leet conversion (Windows 10)

  29. UniShare: License problems

  30. UniShare: missing Google + integration

  31. UniShare: Please add shared via 'Windows Phone'

  32. UniShare: please fetch my timelines into the app.

  33. UniShare: What are mention suggestion bases?

  34. UniShare: What are sharing profiles (Windows 10)?

  35. UniShare: Why did you change the license model on Windows 10?

  36. UniShare: Why do pictures need to be saved locally (Windows 10)?

  37. UniShare: Why is Instagram missing?

  38. UniShare: Why is the picture editing page gone on Windows 10?

  39. UniShare: Why is the XMusicShare feature gone on Windows 10?

  40. Voices Admin: Get started!

  41. Voices Admin: How can I integrate UserVoice for users?

  42. Voices Admin: I am getting an error after selecting my API client!

  43. Voices Admin: my tile does not update!

  44. Voices Admin: What is this app for?

  45. Voices Admin: Why am I not able to respond to suggestions, modify tickets and modify knowledgebase articles?

  46. Voices Admin: Why do I need a callback url and what does that mean?

  47. Voices Admin: Why do I need an API client?

  48. Voices Admin: Why do I need to log into my account?

  49. Voices Admin: Why do tiles get updated only every 30 minutes (WP8 only)?

  50. Voices Admin: Why I need to log in again at your feedback page?

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